Wim Wenders awarded with the Berlinale Honorary Golden Bear

„It is a funny profession we are working in, because in our work we turn lifetime into filmtime. Lifetime is fluid, and liquid and seems large but is in the end limited. Filmtime is rigid like a sort of time capsule, but strangely enough it lasts longer than our lifetime and survives. (…)

If I look at the equation of lifetime and filmtime, I think I have to apply the same rule to both of them. In lifetime, I am 70 years old, almost, and I think I have enough experience to say that in life nothing counts that is not done with love and conviction, and everything else falls by the way side and does not count. And I think the same goes for filmtime: everything you do in this filmtime without love is also not going to survive. So as a filmmaker getting this award, I have to share it with those people who gave me a lot of their lifetime to turn it into filmtime.“

Wim Wenders

Wim Wenders speaks with Britta Bürger on Deutschlandradiokultur (in German) 


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