Road Movies

  • Film Production

General Requests

Léa Germain
(Producer/Head of Development)

Juli von Glasow
(Junior Producer)

Christine Rennert
(Catalogue Handling)

Andreas Pautsch

Road Movies GmbH
Saarbrücker Strasse 24
D-10405 Berlin
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F +49-30-8145293 75

Wenders Images

  • Fine Art and Editorial Photography

Keiko Tominaga
(Managing Director)

 Regine Poppe
(Project Management)

 Doreen Reichenbach

Wenders Images GbR
Saarbrücker Strasse 24
D-10405 Berlin
T +49-30-2000908 80
F +49-30-8145293 75

Wim Wenders Stiftung

  • Requests regarding Wim Wenders’ film catalogue, including festival screenings and stills and excerpts licensing
Press and Interview Requests Germany
boxfish films, Karen Rudolph
Requests regarding Advertising
Radical Media Ben Schneider +44-7780680400

General Requests Wim Wenders, Sophia Hoffinger