Reading at Literaturhaus Frankfurt

Yesterday evening Wim Wenders held his first public reading in Frankfurt’s Literaturhaus, moderated by his editor Annette Reschke.

To a full house, Wenders read segments from his latest book, Die Pixel des Paul Cézanne und andere Blicke auf Künstler („The Pixels of Paul Cézanne and other views on artists“, Verlag der Autoren). The book is a textual compilation about artists whose works are close to him, and who have been influential on him throughout his artistic development and career.

„He was only holding a book in his hands and read out loud. There was less for the audience to see, however there was a lot hear and to take into consideration. What Wenders read in his quiet voice, about the Japanese film director Yasujiro Ozu or the American painter Andrew Wyeth, showed great empathy, was so closely observed, as he has learned from those ‚teachers of seeing‘.“ (Florian Balke, FAZ)

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Photo: Wonge Bergmann for Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

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