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Wim’s – Driven by Music

Driven By Music – Honoring Wim’s 70th Birthday

Wim Wenders' movies tell their stories through the interaction between sound and image. When the protagonists in a Wenders film fall silent, the music carries us forwards. Music can be a motor and a music-playing device can be a life-saving machine.

Those dear old life-saving machines can be restocked with new tunes this fall!

As a gift for his 70th birthday, Wim Wenders received a music album: WIM’s - DRIVEN BY MUSIC is a compilation featuring many of his musical companions and friends from over the years, which will be released on vinyl in late November as a limited-edition triple LP. We are opening up that characteristic Wenders sound world to audiences old and new with these three vinyl LPs with more than 30 songs. Keep the records spinning, keep the motor running!


“Wim’s – Driven by Music” compilation presents music by following artists:
Portishead | Calexico | Jürgen Knieper | Crime & The City Solution | Bryan Ferry | Bonnie Prince Billy | Ry Cooder | Texas | Irmin Schmidt | New World Renaissance Band | BAP | Axel Linstädt | Get Well Soon | Lou Reed | Sibylle Baier | Mick Harvey | Die Toten Hosen | U2 | Travis | Patti Smith | Thom | Monta | The Eels | Lovegrove (feat. Pål Flåta) | SQÜRL | Radiohead | Laurent Petitgand | Roxy Music | Can | Laurie Anderson | Nick Cave | And the Golden Choir | Pieta Brown | Lovegrove (feat. Gemma Ray) | Jun Miyake | Wim the Band