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Land of Plenty

Directed by:
Wim Wenders

Story by:
Wim Wenders
Michael Meredith

Script by:
Wim Wenders
Scott Derrickson

Photographed by:
Franz Lustig

Produced by:
In-Ah Lee
Samson Mücke
Gary Winick
Jake Abraham

Executive Producers:
Peter Schwartzkopff
Jonathan Sehring
Caroline Kaplan
John Sloss

Edited by:
Moritz Laube

Lana - Michelle Williams
Paul - John Diehl
Hassan - Shaun Toub
Henry -Wendell Pierce
Jimmy - Richard Edson Sherman - Burt Young

Executive Music Supervisor
Alex Steyermark

Music Supervisor
Linda Cohen

Production Design
Nathan Amondson

Costume Design:
Alexis Scott

Art Direction:
Nicole Lobart
William Budge

Digital Video










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After years of living abroad with her American missionary father, Lana (Michelle Williams) returns to the United States to begin her studies. But instead of focusing on her education, Lana sets out to find her only other living relative - her uncle Paul, her deceased mother’s brother. A Vietnam veteran, Paul is a reclusive vagabond with deep emotional war wounds. A tragic event witnessed by the two unites them in a common goal to rectify a wrong, and takes them on a journey of healing, discovery, and kinship.


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“The Last Good Year”
Written by Thomas Hanreich
Performed by Thom

“The Beautiful Occupation”
Written by Francis Healy
Performed by Travis

“The Star-Spangled Banner”
Music by John Stafford Smith
Performed by Hub Moore

“The Sound of My Life”
Written by Thomas Hanreich
and Patrick Christensen
Performed by Thom

“Expensive Being Poor”
Written by TV Smith
Performed by TV Smith

“This Is Not Berlin”
Written by Thomas Hanreich
Performed by Thom

Written by Gogo Engst, Shorty Kurths,
Kayki Degner, Oliver Benn Joseph,
Yensin Jahn, Kersten Ginsberg
Performed by Mamasweed

“Stand Up”
Written by Andreas von Holst
and Andreas Frege
Performed by Die Toten Hosen

“Looking For Water”
Written by David Bowie
Performed by David Bowie

“The Priest”
Written by Alison Galea,
Ian Schranz and Mark Sansone
Performed by Beangrowers

“The Land Of Plenty”
Written by Leonard Cohen
and Sharon Robinson
Performed by Leonard Cohen

“The Letters”
Written by Leonard Cohen
and Sharon Robinson
Performed by Leonard Cohen

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