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When characterizing Patrick Bauchau writers tend to use words like "urbane," "cosmopolitan" and "sophisticated." His background certainly lends itself to such descriptions, as does the man himself.
    One of three brothers, Patrick Bauchau (pronounced "beau-show") was born in Brussels and raised in Belgium, England and Switzerland. His father, Henry Bauchau, a writer, served in the Belgian underground during the war, ran a publishing company and was the head of a finishing school in Switzerland. His mother, the late Mary Kozyrev, expatriated from Russia and at one time ran both the publishing company and the finishing school. Patrick attended Oxford University on an academic scholarship and holds a degree in modern languages. He speaks French, English, German, Spanish, Italian. He also knows a bit of Flemish and Russian.
     Patrick Bauchau's career began in the 1960s as a runner for French New Wave director Eric Rohmer. That job eventually led to a starring role in Rohmer's La Collectionneuse in 1967. In the '70s, Patrick took a break from acting, during which time he built furniture and created large stuffed-animal pillows for Salvadore Dali. He returned to acting by the '80s, starring in the Wim Wenders film The State of Things in 1982. He has divided his time between the U.S. and elsewhere, appearing in such diverse movies as the Bond flick, A View to a Kill, Michael Tolkin's The Rapture and The New Age, Entre Nous and The Music Teacher, which were both nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film, and blockbusters like Clear and Present Danger. Bauchau currently can be seen in the Jennifer Lopez film The Cell. He will appear in the indie movies The Beat Nicks and Secretary and David Fincher's The Panic Room, as well as Jackpot and North Fork, the next projects from the Polish brothers, with whom Patrick worked in the critically-acclaimed Twin Falls Idaho.
     Patrick Bauchau has also had several roles in television movies and series, including a Columbo movie special and the short-lived Fox series, Kindred: The Embraced. His first series was the Canadian show Mount Royal, for which Patrick earned a Gemini Award nomination. He is best known these days for his role as Sydney in the former NBC series, The Pretender. The show continues in reruns and movie specials on TNT. Sydney is a scientist in charge of experimenting with extremely gifted children, at the Centre - a think tank with nefarious intentions and practices. Since the character of Sydney is a man who is intrinsically more moral than his employers, he is often left very conflicted by his work, especially as he frequently becomes an unintentional surrogate parent. "Sydney is fond of Jarod and wants him to reach his full potential," says Bauchau. "This causes problems for the people who run the Centre when Jarod escapes, because he's so protective of him, like a surrogate son. I find my character to be a professional man who runs his program on the edge and could be seen as a guilty party to what's gone on before."
When comparing work on a big-budget film to that of smaller, independent films and television, Bauchau says, "When you are in a blockbuster movie, you tend to execute a pre-established program and seem to be part of a giant battleship. In the art films, it's more of a guerrilla style and less structured. In some ways, TV and art movies have more in common, because you discover what's to be done, and then you can be more creative."
     Outside of work, Patrick spends time gardening, practicing yoga and preparing gourmet vegetarian meals, pursuits that contribute to his reputation for being cultured. He and his wife, Mijanou, split their time between Hollywood and Louveciennes, west of Paris. They have one adult daughter, Camille. Patrick's birthday is December 6th.

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